Spinning Down Under

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Caroline is a fibre-holic,

and lives with four cats and a dog, in Adelaide, South Australia.
She  has 5 spinning wheels: a Babe upright Charkha, about which she is passionate, and a beautiful mahogany hand-crafted Saxony-style wheel that was found on Ebay as well as a Majacraft Suzie and an Ashford country Spinner nick-named Arnie - its big, awkward and requires muscles to get it going, but it gets the job done!
As well as spinning, she dyes her own fibres, with some help from her furry fiends


and is into crochet, knitting and felting. 
She also weaves (on a tri-loom and square looms) and is venturing into the world of blogging, see link below. 
She has been challenged by Fibromyalgia since a teen-ager. After a major heart attack in 2002 that left her an invalid, she doesn't like putting off until tomorrow things that can be done today, and hopes this website will pass on to others her enthusiasm for, and love of, fibre crafts.

If you would like to learn more about spinning on a charkha, click here.

I no longer run my ebay store, though I do still sell under the ID spindlespins. I am also in the process of setting up shop on other sites, and have even taken up blogging again!
after a long gap during which a lot has happened.

I can be contacted at barca1au at yahoo dot com dot au.
(C) Caroline Alexander 2011

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