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This also is a work in progress, as I find new and interesting fibre and other sites. They are not in any particular order, nor are they all freebies. Many crafts people rely on selling their crafts to earn a living, or to support further study and training, and piracy can not only hurt them very badly, it makes them an endangered species. So please respect copy write and give their work the respect you would want people to give yours. Happy browsing!
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This is an excellent description of how to read a weaving draft: Jean Scorgie's Weaver's Craft website.

for a quick overview of weaving, this website is quite good and has some good links. Please note I do not support commercial websites in any way, and definitely do not endorse the product they are selling but the information is useful and there are pdf downloads on weaving history.

Laverne Waddington's inspirational blog on backstrap weaving in South America

Backstrap weavers group on Yahoo

Weavezine, the online magazine and podcast for weavers from Syne Mitchel

Weavolution, the new social networking site for weavers

Shirley's weaving blog, a real treasure trove (excuse the pun) of eye-candy, and links to more:

Lots of yummy Australian Alpaca fleece for sale and inspirational weaving/knitting gallery:

All Fiber Arts, an excellent fibre crafts resource!

Ruth Stowes Weaving World, a great weaving resource

Where to get Barb Herdman's great book on tri-looming!

Abby's spinning videos on You Tube

Amanda's spinning videos and tutorials

This is Rosemary Brocks amazing fibre site, covering everything from spinning to felting!

Katherines great site that includes spinning on a tahkli

Joan Ruanes Cotton Spinning; excellent instructions for using a drum carder too!

A wonderful freeform crochet site!

Mackenzie Leopold has written an excellent primer to help you master the skill of bead crochet jewellery: she's got lots of other talents too!

An all-embracing crochet site:

One of my favourites, for lovers of little looms.

Dr. Carol Ventura's fabulous resource; please scroll down the page or you could miss something!

If you find a broken link, or think I should add a site, please let me know.

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