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Welcome to my web site!

As this is a work in progress, please check back regularly to see how things are going and what I have been able to add.

I have been fascinated by small looms and off-loom weaving for a long time, born out of need as I never had much space to set aside for craft work. I was also chronically short of money, and as this was long before the internetI had no way of purchasing a small loom, even if I had had the money.  So I read, instead, and learned how to build simple looms and substitute and make the most out of each tool I did have.

The aim of this site is to provide information to other would-be crafters, to help them build simple and versatile weaving and spinning tools, and develope skills that can be applied in different ways to cover many techniques that, in the end, are not so different after all!
I don't want to duplicate the efforts of other craft sites, whose authors have a much greater knowledge and experience than I  have,  and therefore refer to these other sites as I find them. 
I do hope that my site will give an insight into the craft of yarn and fabric-making, and encourage would-be spinners and weavers to go on and learn more.

Feel free to browse!

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